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Did YOU know that the ungating process has changed for and there are some new HOOPS to jump through? Luckily THIS TIME they are easy to navigate but just this week Amazon introduced a new section in the Application Process regarding your responsibilities as a seller and the authenticity of your products. It looks to us that Amazon are justifying their ability to PUSH A BUTTON and SUSPEND your account and making it VERY clear the RESPONSIBILITY for product due diligence is ALL YOURS!

BUT don't be put off, Amazon is an AMAZING platform for your e-commerce business. Amazon want to PROTECT their REPUTATION and ensure that as customers the products we buy from them are authentic and genuine. Amazon also want to help protect Private Label sellers and their branding and are making it REALLY clear to us as Amazon sellers, the responsibility for ensuring we are conducting our business within the law LIES WITH US, and really, we guess rightly so!

Here's a screenshot of the new pages to help you navigate the process and ensure you don't fall foul of this new hoop:

The process has also changed in terms of SELLING in EUROPE. You used to be able to select the Marketplaces WITHIN your ungating application for most categories BUT NOW it has changed and you'll need to submit separate applications for EACH of the 4 EU Marketplaces INDIVIDUALLY for some categories. DON'T be put off though - you can use the SAME INVOICES and just repeat the process that you did for your UK ungating in your Seller Central for every other marketplace.

DON'T DELAY - the process is only going to get HARDER in the future. Get YOUR Amazon ungating project underway TODAY!

Good luck and happy ungating!

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