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Brand Gating vs Category Gating vs Restrictions vs YOU! - its a four way fight for your listing priv

Amazon ungating and brand gating vs category gating vs restrictions

Are you forever coming up against NO! when trying to list your products on Amazon? We've listed below the three main reasons why you can't sell your product, AND, what you can do about it!

Category Gating - this is the most common sort of gating. Amazon split their products into categories and a lot of categories are open to all sellers to list in e.g. toys, home and garden and kitchen. Some categories however are gated which means you have to jump through some hoops in order to be able to list in those categories. You'll need to find yourself a proper wholesaler, find products from that wholesaler that match Amazon products and that also match the category in which you wish to sell, purchase the products and get yourself VAT invoices and then submit your applications through your Seller Central. Check out our post on Apparel ungating and this will give you an idea of what the basic ungating process looks like.

Getting ungated on Amazon can take have a MASSIVE impact on your business. Can't be bothered with all the hassle? Why not take our course which gives you a step by step guide on exactly what to do. We will even do it ALL for you if you prefer a more personalised service. You could be ungated for new categories in as little as 24 hours. Whether you do it with us or you do it alone, JUST DO IT!

Brand Gating - this is a restriction placed by the manufacturer of the product, rather than by Amazon. If you try and sell, and let's use a HP printer for our example, you'll be told the product is brand gated. That means HP have told Amazon that no-one without written permission from HP can sell their products. Does the average Amazon seller have a chance of selling HP printers? Well, the short answer is no. However, having said that, we never like to say never but before approaching HP and asking to sell their products on Amazon, you'd need to have built a sizeable business, big enough for HP to be interested in letting you sell their products. If you can only sell 2 a month, then they aren't going to want to talk to you, but if you can sell 200 or 2000 a month, well, you stand a far better chance. Even if you were category ungated in every Amazon category, you'd still come up against some Brand Gating, albeit a bit less, but don't be disheartened, millions of products sell on Amazon every day, not just HP printers :-)

Restrictions - these are placed on sellers for different reasons and different sellers have different restrictions. We were working with a client recently who had always been able to sell his pet products, and then suddenly he couldn't sell them anymore. Within 24 hours we got him ungated in Health & Personal Care, Beauty and Groceries and as if by magic, all the pet product restrictions were lifted too. Restrictions can be temporary or they can be permanent. They can be to do with the sellers account, or they can be to do with the product but getting ungated in other categories can help lift all sorts of restrictions.

Get Ungated - GO FOR IT!

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